A women’s group that fosters peace-making and non-violence within our families, communities, the nation and the global reality.

Primary Activities include:

  • Attend monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm.
  • Discuss how we can be a peaceful presence in our homes and often violent world.
  • Bring awareness of opportunities for peace and hope through publishing book reviews and other human-interest stories to our parish community.
  • Attend peaceful demonstrations on topics for equality, justice and peace, such as advocating for safe gun control legislation.
  • Planning annual Peace Pole Ceremony after weekend Mass.
  • Encourage joining the monthly Peace Vigils at Oakland University.
  • Donate yearly to groups that support women and/or children.

Contact Liz Loria if you are interested: 248-318-0012 or email lorializ@gmail.com

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